Mateo Carmona appointed as Coordinator of CSG

The Grothendieck Institute is glad to announce that it has appointed Mateo Carmona as Coordinator of its Centre for Grothendieckian Studies (CSG), starting from the 1st of April 2023. Mateo, who was born in Colombia in 1995, has carried out, throughout the past years, extensive work on valorizing Alexander Grothendieck’s scientific and cultural heritage. As part of his role at CSG, he will supervise an international group of research scholars and volunteers working together towards the common goal of disseminating A. Grothendieck’s work and ideas.

The Centre’s website will notably provide an online resource for comprehensive surveys of Grothendieck’s original works and modern Grothendieck scholarship, including summaries of and links to digitized versions of original publications, references to available translations, transcriptions, current research, events and much more. The Centre will also carry out works of historical and philosophical nature, as well as editorial work aimed at favoring the publication of unpublished work of A. Grothendieck and translations of already published works in different languages.

Mateo Carmona comments: “I am deeply honored to have been chosen to lead this important research centre dedicated to the legacy of Alexander Grothendieck. As Coordinator of the CSG, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the Centre provides comprehensive resources for scholars, students, and enthusiasts interested in Grothendieck’s original works and modern scholarship. I look forward to using my expertise to help coordinate and supervise the work of the international group of researchers and volunteers who will promote Grothendieck’s scientific and cultural heritage through the CSG.

We wish Mateo all success in his new role!

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